Procedure For Field Study / Research Application In Johor National Parks

  1. Researchers should submit a letter to the Director of Johor National Parks Corporation for approval on research programme in Johor National Park (that has been justify).
  2. Researchers need to fill a research registration form which can get from Johor National Parks Corporation Headquarters or can be downloaded via the official PTNJ website at (Please attach a copy of all requested documents). We will revert back to you within 3 working days by fax and post.
  3. At the day and date are selected, researchers need to check in and: – 
    a) must pay a conservation permit and insurance.
    b) Food during the research program is the responsibility of the researcher.
  4. For researchers from abroad are required to obtain approval from the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) of the State.
  5. Once approved, the researcher must follow the rules and regulations in Appendix C.
For any inquiries please email to: