TAMAN LAUT SULTAN ISKANDAR | Crystal clear waters of the Seribuat archipelago


Located off the southeastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia, the islands of the Seribuat archipelago boast some of the most beautiful sandy beaches and clearest waters in the country. The islands of the archipelago located in Johor’s waters are protected within the Sultan Iskandar Marine Park. Located off the coast of Mersing, the park includes 42 islands grouped within five main clusters; namely Pulau Tinggi, Pulau Sibu, Pulau Besar, Pulau Rawa, Pulau Aur and Pulau Pemanggil.

Just a short boat ride from the mainland, the larger islands are inhabited by local Malay traditional fishing communities, who have been here since the days of old when vicious pirates roamed the seas. The pirates have long been eradicated, whereas the islands now boast a variety of guest houses and beach resorts that will suit the requirements of local and foreign visitors alike.

While lounging on the beaches, swimming in the crystal-clear waters and partaking in slightly more strenuous water sport activities are the main draw, beneath the waves lie healthy coral reefs with a myriad of lifeforms to be explored, whereas deep sea fishing trips beckon the intrepid angler.

Ecologically speaking, these islands hold a unique assemblage of flora and fauna that includes native, endemic as well as rare or globally-threatened species – both on land as well as underwater. Making up part of the Mersing Geopark, the islands also possess a unique geological heritage. 248-million-year-old volcanic rock formations may be seen at certain spots, such as on the southeastern part of Pulau Sibu.

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